City Currency Exchange

Prepaid Travel Currency Cards

Why don't we sell Prepaid Travel Currency Card?

Because we strive to deliver The Best Travel Money deal to all our valued customers.

  • We maintain a transparent policy when selling Travel Currency. Our exchange rates are published with transparency and we charge no commissions.
  • Prepaid Travel Currency Cards incure charges to customers in many different ways. They include;
    • Loading Fee
    • ATM withdrawal Fee
    • Inactive Fee
  • The exchange rates are low when compared to Foreign Currency, as every middleman levy their own charges, raising the transactional cost to the customer.

The fee structures are generally very complicated and none transparent and hence the card holder will not be aware of the methodology of calculating the cost (net exchange rates after costs).

So far no travel currency card has ever been managed to successfully rival, competitively offer any Travel Currency.

Over the last 21 years we had been committed in providing the best Travel Currency service in UK. This service is currently sold through 20 branches in London and via delivery service.

Determined to serve you even better!!!

Currency is still The Best Option... !!!

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